As a 30 year veteran of the beauty industry and a Brazilian woman, considered to be amongst the most beautiful women in the world, Marcia Martim, Mackup Artist, has learned early on that true beauty is an evolutionary and forever changing process.

Marcia’s mission: “To enhance beauty from the inside out”. Gives each client the balance they need and the formula to continue a daily regimen that will provide longevity to each client’s new found transformation.

Marcia approaches each job with understanding first, which helps to build the firework for an enduring relationship. One example of this is her long clientele list that includes some celebrities coming from all cities around Orlando, and even from New York and Los Angeles, also British and Brazilians that come back to her as often as they can.

In advancing her personal mission, Marcia, Mackup Artist, is dedicating a lot of her time to mentor young professionals as a beauty educator teaching across the country and considering to expand to countries like Brazil that is dear to her heart.

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